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Our product range is mainly:

Optical and ionic smoke alarms for single station or inter-connectable installation. They operate on 9-volt batteries or can be connected to the mains via a small power supply.

These detectors is also offered as wireless connected in groups or to a wireless Fire panel. We have detector operating on both 433MHz and the EU approved 868MHz.

Icas also produces 24/12-volt ionic and optical detectors for connecting to Fire Panels or Intruder systems. Our other product groups include aspiration detectors and photoelectric cells, which operate on 230 volts.

The aspiration detectors are designed to tolerate the aggressive environment in stables and Farms for livestock, but are also very suitable for use in other dust-filled and difficult industrial environments.i.e.wallboard factories etc.

 In Norway it is now mandatory to have fire detection in farms and stables. Our products fully meet  norwegian sertification requirements approved by the Ministry of Agricultural for the use of aspiration detectors.

Norwegian insurance companies allow a reduction of up to 30 % on premiums if one of our fire-alarm systems is installed on agricultural premises.