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Chor & Chor-E


Optical Smoke Detector

Chor(connectable) / Chor-E(System Powered)

Optical Smoke Detectors react best on smoke from smouldering fire
It is recommended to install minimum one detector of this type outside each bedroom..Other rooms should also be protected. The advantages  with this detector is that it can be either connected together with all detectors of this type in the house and thereby get the function : Alarm in ONE Alarm in ALL ! or it can be connected to our IMC-ME micro Fire Panel for increased protection !
The Chor standard Connectable smoke detector is recommended for smaller appartments and houses! It is powered with a 9v alkaline battery and will need a battery change every 12 months. This detector is Certified acc. to European standard En54-7 and have the added function of being able to connect to a network of 8 Chor detectors making the function "Alarm in One Alarm in All" as each detector have its built in Sounders which will be activated in all the installed detectors when one of them goes into Alarm.
The Chor-E is the same detector, but will be powered from an Icas IMC-Me Fire Panel. (REf. IMC-M Fire Panels)